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When you require the most economical solution for your mass text messaging requirements, you can depend on us. We give you affordable packages and great deals on the SMS. You can register with us and create an account with us for free. We have multiple payment options, and you can choose your pick. You can check our services via a trail run. The moment you register and open an account, your account is credited with one free SMS for anyone GSM number. Once you are satisfied with the trial you can opt for various packages.


We have separate packages for our Usual and VIP members. Go ahead and check the best prices in the market that we offer.

 Our Offer for General Members




500 - 999


N1.60 kobo Per SMS


1,000 - 999,999


N1.60 kobo Per SMS


1,000,000 - 9,999,999


N1.60 kobo Per SMS


10,000,000 Upward


N1.40 kobo Per SMS




Our offer for VIP Members




500 - 999


N1.58 kobo Per SMS


1,000 - 999,999


N1.58 kobo Per SMS


1,000,000 - 9,999,999


N1.58 kobo Per SMS


10,000,000 Upward


N1.35 kobo Per SMS




It is very simple to become our VIP member. All you have to do is to pay the Subscription Fee amounting to N2,500. This fee is a one-time payment made by you. 

Once you are done with the registration you can always login using your Username and Password to use the services. We provide Bulk SMS Messages at the most affordable packages. We accept multiple payment options like Cash deposit, Internet Banking Transfer, GTBank E-Branch Payment and ATM Transfer. Please note that we do not accept Mobile Money Transfer.


Steps to making payment in our Bank Accounts and get the amount credited to the account.

•Make sure you make a note of our GTBank account details. The account number and other details are on The Pricing Page of our website.

•When you are filling up, the Bank Slip mention your Username in the space meant for the Depositor name. Do not forget to write AA before your user name. For example, If your Username is Alex123 then write AA ALEX123 as the depositor name. The amount will be credited to your bulk SMS account as soon as the payment is confirmed.

•To avoid confusion in the spelling do not forget to write your user name in capital letters.

•You will receive a notification via e-mail and SMS confirming that your account with us is credited. We do this immediately after the confirmation of the payments.




A page of the text message to Etisalat and Airtel takes 1unit of SMS while a page of bulk SMS to MTN and Glo take 1.2 units of SMS. Please see the GSM networks and unit charged below for better clarification.


GSM Networks                  Unit of SMS for a page of text message

Airtel                                                1.1 Unit

Etisalat                                             1.0 Unit

Glo                                                   1.2 Unit

MTN                                                 1.3 Unit


Now sending Bulk SMS is easy

•All you need is to Register with us. The registration is free. You will create your Username and Password.

•Remember the Username and Password because in the next step you need to login.

•We give you One Free SMS for a trial run.

•Send one Page of text message to any one GSM number to check whether your account has been activated or not.

•Now that you are assured of the services you can choose any bulk SMS package and start sending SMS.

•If you want to go for alternate payment options then do not forget to log out.

•Choose your payment option, make the payment and log into our site and click on Compose SMS

•Type your sender ID in the Sender ID box and make sure it is not longer than 11 characters. The Sender ID will be the ID your recipients will see when your SMS is delivered to them.

•Go to the Recipient box and paste or type the numbers of your intended recipients separated by commas.

•Type the message content in the Message Box and click the Send button.

•Our system does not support MS Word or MS Excel so make use of notepad to type your message.

•Why will you use a notepad when you can type directly? Our Compose SMS has the automatic Timeout option, so it is a better option to type your message in the notepad first and then paste it in our portal.

•After you press send, the SMS is sent within a few seconds.

•If you want to send an SMS in a later on time, you can specify the same, and your message will be sent accordingly.


How to Locate NOTEPAD on Your Computer (Laptop or Desktop)

1) Click on START

2) Move the cursor to the top of ALL PROGRAMS and wait

3) Move the cursor again to the top of ACCESSORIES and wait again

4) Then, locate NOTEPAD and click on it.


How to Save Numbers on NOTEPAD

1) After opening a NOTEPAD page, copy your numbers from Micro Soft Word or Micro-soft Excel and paste on NOTEPAD page.

2) Click on "FILE" and select "SAVE AS".

3) Give a name to the file in the space for "FILE NAME" and click on "SAVE" to save your numbers as NOTEPAD FILE.


Our services are fast and reliable. Our API enables the developers and resellers to access our flexible HTTP API. You can vouch for the prices we offer.


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