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Bulk SMS in Nigeria


The world we live in today is highly dependent on technology. Communication has been revolutionized by technology and more so, the use of mobile phones. All over the world, nations are using the convenience and ease of communication brought about by the mobile phone. The Short Messaging Service (SMS) is above all; the most easy to use mobile communication service.  The fact that it is already cheap makes it also the most popularly used communication service. We provide bulk SMS in Nigeria for all those who would like to send out communications to numerous recipients at an instance.


Benefits of Bulk SMS services


Sending text messages via phone is the most affordable means of mobile communication. With this in mind it is important to note that using bulk SMS services helps you minimize the available budget for communicating the intended message. Our bulk SMS packages are reasonably priced by taking all our customer needs into consideration.

Timely communication is always important when it comes to making announcements, invitations and even sending business related messages. Our bulk SMS service provides instantaneous communication in just a matter of seconds. All customers can be sure that their communications are sent out successfully in the least time possible and subsequently read a soon as the recipient checks their phone. This is highly advantageous for time-sensitive communications.


Bulk SMS messaging offers users the convenience of only writing down one message and then sending it to numerous numbers all with the push of one button.  As opposed to writing down a message on your phone and then sending them out to recipients one at a time, we offer a platform where users only need to input the message and a comprehensive list of numbers and then send all messages with a single push of a button.

We understand that different recipients are covered by different mobile network operators which may make it more complicated to send out bulk SMS messages. Our bulk SMS platform takes this into consideration and guarantees that all recipients will receive the message regardless of their network provider and at no extra cost.


To take advantage of the above benefits customers only need to follow the simple procedure documented below.

Interested customers can register a user account on our website and then take a look at the various packages on offer. Once you have identified a suitable package, the next step is to load up on bulk SMS messaging credit via the different payment options listed. These include ATM transfers, cash deposits, and online payment gateways.


After loading the necessary credit, access your account and paste the message heading, recipients’ numbers and the message itself. Click on the send button and watch as the bulk SMS messages are sent to all recipients.

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